The Amy Fedel Memorial Reading Program - Home Page
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Welcome to the Home Page for Amy Fedel Memorial Reading Progam. This program was developed in conjunction with the Ann Arbor District Library, to whom we continually send out thanks and wishes.

The formal purpose of the program is:

to promote reading and further develop leadership and decision-making skills in children and young adults through adult/child book discussion groups to be held in libraries statewide.

To work towards that goal, we have developed four reading programs. They have been run in the Ann Arbor area and we are now offering them on a statewide basis. The programs include a variety of books, discussion materials, activities, bookmarks, and publicity aids to help make the program work for your library and your community with as little additional work as possible.

If your library would like to request one or more of the programs for use in the future, or if you would like to know more about how the program works, please visit our online request page.

In addition to making the materials available, we also offer the ability for a child or young adult to get their own copy of the book they have read. Based on age, they can write a short request and send it to the Amy and Lisa Fund.