Skating Safety Information

A. HELMET: Helmets are the most important piece of equipment for in-line skaters. Helmets should fit snugly, with the straps on both sides of the head fitting securely and fastened directly under the ears.

B. WRIST GUARDS: Rigid wrist guards are the next most important piece of safety gear. Most injuries that occur while in-line skating are to the upper arms; more specifically the wrists.

C. PADDED SHORTS: Padded shorts provide extra protection from abrasions, especially on the hips and tailbone. Shorts should fit snug, providing compression and protection.

D. KNEE PADS: Knee pads protect the knees in the event of a fall forward. Although many falls occur backwards while skating, beginners may also fall forwards.

E. ELBOW PADS: Elbow pads protect the elbows in the event of a fall forward, backward or sideways, in case of elbow contact with the ground.

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