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Somequotes I've found helpful and interesting


Normally, I'm against big things, I think the world's gonna be saved by millions of small things. Pete Seeger, 90th birthday interview

I wrote to Pete to ask him, I guess, permission, you know, said "how can I play folk music if I haven't suffered?" and basically - I'm paraphrasing - but he wrote me back saying "don't worry about suffering", you know, "it'll come." Emmylou Harris (Pete Seeger 90th birthday interview)

My first memory is not actually actually hearing Pete Seeger, it's seeing his banjo and seeing the words written on it, cause I was a fan of Woody Guthrie and his "this machine kills fascists" and Pete, he had sort of a subtle twist on it with "this machine surrounds hatred and forces it to surrender" and then I knew that there was a thoughtful man behind that banjo.Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine (Pete Seeger 90th Birthday interview)

Human beings are created with a God-shaped vacuum in our hearts. Huston Smith, paraphrase

The unexamined life is not worth living. Socrates
(For men, in our culture,) the unexamined life has been worth quite a lot in economic terms. Sam Keen

How good it is to center down! Howard Thurman

...we are eventually faced with the dilemma that what is right for us temperamentally seems inadequate from a political point of view. Kim Chernin

Evil comes about precisely by the distortion of the self- other relationship into the good-evil, superior-inferior dualism. Rosemary Ruether