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Fall 1994 - present - Washtenaw Community College, MI - lecturer for the Introduction to Philosophy course. These courses take a global view of philosophy and used texts including The Last Days of Socrates, Voices of Wisdom by Gary Kessler, God is Red by Vine DeLoria, Jr., Being Nobody, Going Nowhere: Meditations on the Buddhist Path, Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, and others.

Fall 2000 - present - University of California at Berkeley, Center for Media and Independent Learning (online course) - Comparative Philosophy (Philosophy X11). Authored the Course Guide and 8 assignments based on Voices of Wisdom by Gary E. Kessler.

Winter 1994 - present - University of California at Berkeley, Center for Media and Independent Learning (online course) - Perspectives on the Absolute in World Religions (RSX10). Authored the Course Guide and 8 assignments based on The World's Religions by Huston Smith and Sacred Texts of the World: A Universal Anthology by Ninian Smart and Richard Hecht.

Fall 1993 - present - University of California at Berkeley, Center for Media and Independent Learning (online course) - History of Western Philosophy (Philosophy X20A). Completed the Course Guide and 10 assignments for students. The course covers the Pre-Socratic period to the end of the Middle Ages. Texts: History of Western Philosophy vol. 1 and 2.

Fall 1994 - 1996 - Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI - occasional lecturer. Courses included Critical Thinking, Introduction to Philosophy, and Philosophies of Life. These courses took the same approach as the courses given at Washtenaw Community College.

1996 - 1998 - University of California at Berkeley, C.M.I.L. (online course) - Introduction to the Internet. Authored the course guide and assignments.

Spring, 1992 - Pacific School of Religion - Teaching Assistant for Prof. Durwood Foster's Introduction to Christian Theology course (ST1008). My responsibilities included conducting weekly small-group discussions of the week's reading material, reading and commenting on weekly 3 page papers from the students, and meeting for individual work with students at their request. Texts: Ruether: Sexism and God-Talk, Cone: For My People, Küng: Global Responsibility, Neville: A Theology Primer, and Hellwig, Understanding Catholicism.

Fall, 1991 - University of California at Berkeley - Reader for Prof. Huston Smith's World Religions course (RS90A). My responsibilities included grading mid-term and final examinations and 2 10-page papers for 50 students. Also held regular office hours and met with students at their request. Primary text: Prof. Smith's The World's Religions. Supplemental primary texts: Tao te Ching, Dhammapada, and Bhagavad-Gita, and selections from Qur-án, Analects of Confucius, and others.




1995-1996 Retained as a consultant by U.C. Berkeley CMIL to help develop courses through America Online.
1990-1992 Board Member and Treasurer for West-East Center for the World's Religious Traditions, Kensington, CA
Proposed and organized several panel discussions including speakers from Christian and non-Christian traditions, discussing contemporary issues such as moral decision making, abortion, and homelessness. Invited guest lecturers, participated in panel discussions, and was a respondent to speakers on various panels.
1988-pres. Self-employed as an Independent Computer Consultant for IBM mainframe and PC environments. (See Other Professional Experience below.)
1992-1993 1992-1993 Administrative Secretary, Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, San Francisco, CA
CA In the absence of a minister, helped organize Sunday services, proposed and contacted Christian and non-Christian guest speakers and musicians to participate in Sunday services. Provided general office support. Gave occasional sermons and meditations, as well as writing a weekly theological reflection on the subject the minister or guest planned to address. Occasionally included Christian and Buddhist meditation practices in Sunday services.
1990-1992 Chair, Spiritual Environment Subcommittee, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley,CA
In this position, I organized on-campus retreats using various Christian, Buddhist, and other meditation techniques. Also, organized spiritual autobiography sessions in which students, teachers, and administrators shared their religious experiences with others.
1988-1990 1988-1990 Steering Committee, Religious Studies Club, California State University at Hayward
In this position, I convened and occasionally moderated discussion groups for students in the philosophy of religion, invited guest speakers, and proposed and organized field trips to local religious sites.


While pursuing my B.A. and M.A. degrees, I continued to work as a computer consultant in both the mainframe and Personal Computer fields. During this time (1980 - 2000) I have developed and delivered a variety of computer-related training courses. These include a variety of languages (Java, XML, HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, perl, python, and others) and methodologies (program design and others).

I have worked as a project manager, technical analysis, operations analyst, and software designer and developer for a number of projects. I am currently working in website development and developing projects in world religions which will involve multimedia presentations as well as Internet and CBT technologies.