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24 hrs: 532.74 miles*

The previous world record for distance traveled on a track while cycling unpaced over a 24 hour period was set at 530.41 miles - an average of 22.1 m.p.h. - by Rod Evans (who surpassed Michael Secrest's old world record of 516 miles) in Sydney, Australia in May of 1994.


Bicycle:  GT - GT Bicycles

Wheels: Aerospoke - Aerospoke Corporation

Components:  Shimano

Fuel:  Ensure Plus

Heart Rate Monitor:  Polar Vantage XL

- Carbon fiber 5-spoked racing wheels; cash bonus

- Exercise Physiologist/Logistical Statistician

  1. Lee Frantz - Chief Mechanic - Assenmacher's Cycling Center - Flint, MI

  2. Frank J. Fedel - Physiology/Biomechanics Researcher - Henry Ford Hospital/Fedel Performance, Inc. - Detroit, MI

  3. Jon B. Lash - Photographer/Public Relations - Hermosa Beach, CA

  4. Ron Schlis - Crew Chief - Flint, MI

  5. Deb Schlis - Support Crew - Flint, MI

  6. Micheal Varbaek - Support

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