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CD Project - updated status 01/19/2000

The CD is finished, released, and available! Click here for further information.

CD Project - status 10/10/1999

One of the projects of the Amy and Lisa Fund will be a CD containing recordings of about a dozen bedtime songs.

As of this week, all songs have been recorded and mastered and are ready for duplication. We are working on the artwork this week. The CD will come with a 16 page booklet containing pictures of Amy and her friends.

The performances are all very basic: one guitar and voices. A dozen of Amy's friends were in the studio and sing on the first 5 songs. One or two voices guest on the next two, then it's just dad and his guitar for the rest of the CD.

The final title of the project is "I Miss Your Smile", which is also the title of one of the songs on the CD.

The song list is made up of the songs I most often sang at night with Amy and Lisa before the crash. (Lisa has a few new favorites now!)

So far, the songs we can remember are:

  1. Ship in the Sky - Woody Guthrie
  2. The Unicorn - Shel Silverstein
  3. Grassey, Grass, Grass - Woody Guthrie
  4. Puff the Magic Dragon
  5. City of New Orleans - Steve Goodman
  6. Hush, Little Baby
  7. Homeward Bound - Paul Simon
  8. Wonderful Baby - Don McLean
  9. Closer to the Light - Bruce Cockburn
  10. I Miss Your Smile - Robin Sturgeon
  11. A Long-time-love Song - Bruce Cockburn
  12. Unbridled Reins - Chuck Brodsky
  13. Pacing the Cage - Bruce Cockburn

Proceeds from sales of the CDs will be donated to MADD and other organizations doing work with kids, grief, or substance abuse education. MADD has agreed to let us use their logo and may help in the distribution. WE are still in discussions with them.

Some songs I've been singing or listening to...

Music was a big part of my relationship with Amy, I've put links below to some
musical resources that have been helping me get through this 'adjustment' to my new life...

The list includes songs that were available for Amy and Lisa to pick from at night
when i was singing them bedtime songs. Lisa still hears some of them...

- Mike Fedel