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Some things to give you an idea what kind of kid Amy was

A Day with a Angel

Amy noticed that my drawing style was often very sketchy, so she made several of what she called her 'jumpy' or 'nervous' drawings in a book of mine.

She was very fond of the yin-yang sign and we'd discussed the idea of the Tao a bit, hence the "good/bad" on the boy's shirt in the drawing she titled A Day with a Angel. The note at the bottom says "Amy 3/98".

The picture is actually on a full 9X11 paper, but I've shrunk it in order to make the loadtime shorter.

Love lasts forever in this family...

After a night of snuggling and talking about Life, Amy drifted into our bedroom with a note folded up. This is the part that was showing. Click on it to see what was inside: