The Amy and Lisa Page - Amy Photo Album
This is one of my favorite photos of Amy. In the spring of 1997, she decided to learn to ride a 2 wheeler. She'd been riding around on a bike with trianing wheels but wanted to move on to two wheels. Both dad and mom tried helping her but it just wasn't working. She'd go for a while if one of us was holding her, but when we let go, she'd either panic or just stop.

Then, one day, we went for a walk to the Dairy Queen a few blocks away. She'd somehow decided that 'today was the day' and kept telling us to stay back. She tried and tried and eventually she got herself going. It took a while, she fell a few times, but she kept at it until she got it right.

It was one of the proudest moments for us as parents - she had 'faced her fear' and overcome it.

Spring, 1997
Burwood Street, Ann Arbor, MI