The Amy and Lisa Fund - upcoming events

The Amy and Lisa Fund was established by family members and friends immediately after the accident in order to ensure that money would be available to cover any expenses related to Amy's burial or Lisa's recovery and rehabilitation that might not be covered by the family's medical coverage and the insurance company(ies) involved.

Concurrent with that intent, we are intending to try and contribute something back to the Ann Arbor community that has been so helpful and supportive of and for us during this time.

To learn more about the fund, read the Amy and Lisa Fund home Page.

The following is a list of some of the projects we are planning or are under discussion. If you have ideas about how these could be improved, or if you'd like to be involved in one of them, please feel contact us.
  • A memorial concert and fundraiser is tentatively scheduled for August 28 1999 in Petoskey Michigan. Amy and Lisa were treated by wonderful doctors and staff at Northern Michigan Hospital and we want to do something to thank them. The concert will be a fundraiser for the Northern Michigan Medical SCenbter (formerly the Burns Clinic). The local MADD chapter will probably be involved in the show. We are still making arrangements. check this page for upadates as the date gets closer.
  • A memorial concer and fundraniser is tentatively scheduled for laste August, 1999 in Ann Arbor Michigan. This will be a fundraiaser with proceeds currently planned to help start a Washtenaw County chapter of MADD (Ithere currently is no chapter in Washtenaw County).
  • The Amy and Lisa fund has donated a reading center to the Eberwhite School Library. the piece was installed on June 17, 1999.
  • The Amy and Lisa fund is discussing a reading program with the Ann Arbor Public Library. More information to come.
  • The Amy and Lisa fund is sdiscussing a variety of writing programs for elementary age school kids. We 're talking with the Ann Arbor schools as well as Borders Books. These discussions are VERY preliminary, please don't anyone asume we're indicating any commitments that have not been made, OK?
  • A CD of some of Amy's favorite bedtime songs is being recorded by Amy's dad. This will be available at shows and through the mail. Proceed will be donated to one of the Amy and Lisa fund programs, or to an organization yet to be determined. Details.