CD Release Party
Saturday, December 11, 1999 - 7:30 pm.
at Greenwood - 1001 Green Road, Ann Arbor
(South of Plymouth, West of US23)
for the CD: "I Miss Your Smile"

This CD was recorded during August, 1999 in tribute to Amy Fedel. Amy was killed by a drunk driver a few days after her eighth birthday in August of 1998. Proceeds from sale of the CD will be donated to MADD and organizations dealing with children recovering from closed-head injuries. (Amy's sister Lisa suffered a closed-head injury during the same crash.)

At the show, we will also give a short presentation on projects the Amy and Lisa fund is involved with, including a new reading series at the Ann Arbor Library and a (still under discussion) joint project with the writing program at the Neutral Zone, an Ann Arbor place for teenagers to meet and relax.

We've invited representatives from MADD, the Ann Arbor Public library and the Neutral Zone to say a few words during the show.


  • Mike Fedel
  • Katie Geddes
  • Julia Caproni
  • Julia Darnton
  • Calyn Dolan
  • Jake Fedel
  • Lisa Fedel
  • Chiharu Hiranaka
  • Fumika Hiranaka
  • Marie McConnell
  • Molly McConnell
  • Jordan Meiller
  • Melissa Meiller
  • Leah Penner
  • Sean Sturgeon
  • Celeste Tannenbaum
  • Caitlin Williams
  • Jen Williams

Performances by: Amy's Friends, Katie Geddes and the Usual Suspects, Mike Fedel, and members of the Davison Band of Love.

This event is also a "thank you" for people from so many places who helped and are still helping us get through the recovery process, especially those associated with: Arbortext Inc., Eberwhite School, Greenwood United Methodist Church, Community Day Care, Mott Hospital, U of M Med Rehab, Residence Inn, Bach School friends of Amy, World Class Tapes, Davison UMC, Ann Arbor Hospice, the 1999 Tour de Kids, Ann Arbor Girl Scouts, GirlSpace, the Neutral Zone.

CDs will be on sale for $15.00 at the event.

For further information, and if anyone is interested in a separate kids-only event earlier in the day, contact Mike Fedel.